30 June 2008

Driving Traffic

I'm looking at the analytics for this blog. Search queries, as Dan points out regularly, are interesting things. For example, among the more-or-less expected queries that might lead one to this blog (including "blood on the lintels," "brent graber," and "madgrab") there are also things like the following:

  • "oconvpack" and "oconvpack.exe" -- neither of which appears in any of my posts
  • "a short parable" -- actually the title of a post. Who knew?
  • "rabid raccoon dream" -- this is my favorite, I think. And there's a related "dreaming of a baby raccoon what does it mean" query that drove some poor soul here.
  • "wouldn't it be adequate" and variations -- wow. Pretty sure those folks were looking for a synopsis of, or video from, "My Fair Laddy."
Of course, there are other strange searches as well. "John David Milhouse," "gillette turkmenistan," "funniest status updates facebook," and, my second most favorite, "hey, miss, i don't find you sexually attractive anymore, someone just figured out a way to double his productivity." And that person spent more than minute on the site. Just thought I'd share.

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