29 May 2007

Summer Projects (I of II)

Here are a few photos
The first, a summer (late Spring) project well underway.
The second, a dorky picture of me enjoying the first strawberry of the season.
The third, a grape trellis that is in sore need of replacement. That last one will be the topic of the second of these two posts about Summer project. And don't be expecting that post before, say, July. Unless things go better than I expect.

24 May 2007

Wouldn't It Be Adequate?

Last night we plotted the area for the backyard patio. The first angle we attempted to make using the pythagorean theorem (the "3-4-5 rule," according to the various things I read about doing this sort of stuff). That did not work so well, probably because we were using some sort of decorative (stretchy) ribbon that we found in our house four years ago when we took possession of it, instead of using some sturdier stuff. Long story short: we ended up eyeballing the thing and checking with a small square. Quick measurement of the resulting diagonals showed them to be about 1/4" off. That's good enough.

19 May 2007


So the other night I dreamt something about rabid raccoons terrorizing our neighborhood and rotting earth in our backyard. The earth was rotting because of buried fruit ... or maybe carcasses, I can't remember with any certainty. Somehow we ended up digging a hole, and hiring someone to dispose of the raccoon with some sort of trap or weapon, which he left to retrieve. As he was going the raccoon walked down into the hole and huddled over its baby. We killed it by shoveling dirt on it and burying it.

What do you suppose that might mean?

16 May 2007


As it turns out, Esther, who has all her life until now utterly refused to play, really loves Rook. I love having extended family around.

10 May 2007

The Whole Family

Not quite. Mom-in-law arrived on the 26th of April; sister-in-law on the 9th of May; uncle- and aunt-in-law will arrive on the 12th of May. It's me and a bunch of Indians, and I find myself speaking with an Indian accent. Is this bad?

I Can Barely Contain Myself

Virtualizing my computer.  So very sweet.  Slow, but incredibly cool.

04 May 2007

Spam Fortunes

According to my Inbox today, I'll love the new non-obese me.


So true.

02 May 2007

Customer Service

Generally I am loathe to speak to companies on the phone -- I'd much rather just find out what I need to know online.  Maybe it's the little tiny bit of rugged individualist in me.  But I just got off the phone with the good people at Gateway, and while the rational part of me knows that the representative was friendly because I was planning to make a purchase, the not-rational part of me felt, "My, what a pleasant experience.  I should post this to the blog."  So there you are.

01 May 2007


So it's not yet 8:30 and one computer has finished cloning a hard drive, and another computer has something going on with NTOSKRNL, or somesuch.


One might think it was Monday, did one not know any better.