29 September 2008


"This isn't a market for the timid." --Chris Johnson


26 September 2008

"Go, Christians!"

This was the conclusion of a lunch conversation when a Christian anarchist friend realized that the last eight years of being governed by a self-identifying Christian have resulted in the military being stretched too thin, the loss of American prestige in the world, and, now, the near collapse of the American economy. In short: Christians have successfully brought down the Empire. Who knew?

Idle Thought

Our dog recognizes patterns -- she knows when to expect food, she recognizes the sound of the treats bag, she knows when she gets a car walk and when she gets a regular walk. Does that mean she has a concept of time? Or is conscious of it in an abstract sense? What is it like to recognize patterns without a concept of time?

Just curious.

17 September 2008


Nearly a month without a post. Here's a lazy way out: a colleague sent me a link to this blog entry on White Privilege today. A different way of viewing the election.