25 March 2009


Today, in Gmail, I was notified that a friend had left a comment on a blog post. The ad that appeared: "www.CordBlood.com - Choose Only The World's Largest & Most Experienced Cord Blood Bank".

Usually Google is pretty good about placing relevant-ish ads in Gmail. This one was badly off the mark.

19 March 2009

Adventures in Math

Overheard (on the TV):

"From 14 points down, an 11-point run, and now 'Nova leads by three!"

And it was true, but not quite the whole story, obviously.

08 March 2009


A few weeks ago I did some mapping of the breakers in our house, thinking two things: (1) maybe I could update some of the wiring this summer; (2) maybe the 15-amp breaker that services the garage could be replaced with a 20-amp breaker. Much to my dismay, every electrical cable in our house is 12 gauge wire save one 14 gauge cable. That's right. The only 14 gauge cable in our house is the one that goes to the garage. So no upgrade there. And that's irritating.

03 March 2009

Hidalgo Restaurant

Every Tuesday in 2009, with one exception (a Friday), I have eaten at Hidalgo Restaurant in Elkhart. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the house of Luis, one of the owners, was for sale. Then today, on my way to work, I read this sign in the window of Hidalgo's:

Due to hard times, we say goodbye.

The local paper, in an article today, interpreted this as Hidalgo Restaurant closing. I take the sign, coupled with the big For Sale post in Luis' front yard, as indicating something considerably more, and am saddened.

Apart from no longer being served lunch by Mayra each Tuesday, apart from not eating any more tasty chalupitas, apart from no longer experiencing the excruciating waits on the rare busy day, I have lost the one good, local place to eat within reasonable walking distance of AMBS. We now have Popeye's, Wendy's, Long John Silver's, Subway, Little Ceasar's, and Leo's -- a barely adequate taqueria. Ricky's, a considerably better taqueria, is within walking distance, but not easily walkable due to the sad lack of sidewalks along Mishawaka Road.

So today I headed north to Miranda's, a little El Salvadoran place at the corner of Benham and Indiana. Tasty food, but eating there at lunch pretty much necessitates driving. I'll probably shift my dining out lunch to Wednesday, when I drive to work anyway.

A shame.