31 January 2008


These people advertise that if you use their services you can enjoy a "waterproof lifestyle." I'm not sure what that means, but it got me thinking about other lifestyles I'd or 'dn't enjoy.

a spam-proof lifestyle,
a stain-proof lifestyle,
an error-proof lifestyle,
a clothing-proof lifestyle,
an alarm-clock-proof lifestyle,
a technology-proof lifestyle,
a misinterpretation-proof lifestyle,
a hell-proof lifestyle,
a burnt-bread-proof lifestyle,
a diarrhea-proof lifestyle,
an under-inflated-balloon-proof lifestyle,
a hospital-proof lifestyle,
a fireproof lifestyle,
a debt-proof lifestyle,
a war-proof lifestyle,
... and lots lots more.

Thank you, Everdry.

29 January 2008


Today, as I sat at a red light facing west, the juvenile detention van, heading south, took a left turn to go east. Five windows, five middle fingers. It was almost quaint (3b).

28 January 2008

Joblog Scripts

I keep playing with my joblogger, in part because it's fun, in part because I need to ready some brief presentation on using it. The most recent revision: an installation script that takes care of at least some of the irritating parts. You can get it here if you're interested. And this fulfills my need to blog before too much time elapses between posts.

15 January 2008

5 1/4" (Part II)

Of course, it makes more sense to keep a 5 1/4" floppy drive if it actually works. Which mine doesn't. Though the 3 1/2" drive (this is an Epson SD-800 dual drive) still works just fine. Maybe it's the BIOS.

14 January 2008

5 1/4"

Messages like the one below are why I still have a 5 1/4" floppy disk drive in my computer:

"<xxx> has some files on Nota Bene that he would like to convert to Word. Problem is: they are on 5¼” floppies. Would you have some way to transfer these files to a flash drive?"

13 January 2008

Loveseats and Their Repercussions

This is my 100th post. Am I going to reflect on nearly a year's worth of blogging? On the current state of the US? On my resolutions for 2008? Nah.

To the right is the loveseat we just acquired in Wisconsin:

And below is the living room with the chairs that were displaced by the loveseat:

And, yes, we went to Wisconsin specifically to get the loveseat.

07 January 2008

New Things

Two new experiences today.

1. Troubleshooting some network connections and drawing the conclusion (not yet verified) that the problem is squirrels, raccoons, or some other rodent.

2. Eating roasted caterpillar. Not bad.

03 January 2008

Take Two

Rumor has it that AMBS may be planning another Biblical Storytelling Festival. Last time I presented the story of Ab (and it doubled as my first every blog post - whee!). This time I'm thinking more along the lines of several one-line plays, each not more than about two minutes long.

Example: Jacob, quite old, limps up the aisle. This takes forever. He is deep in though, brow furrowed, face indicating some inner conflict. As he crosses the stage his face clears. He has come to a decision. He faces the audience and says, "I don't wrestle with God, anymore." Then he limps down another aisle, again, taking forever.

My hope would be to come up with similar one-line stories (à la Wired) for a whole variety of biblical figures. So far I have two, and, pending permission, three.

Jacob: I don't wrestle with God, anymore
Zaccheus' mother: Young man, come down here this instant!
Martha: (pending permission)

Any other characters whose stories could be neatly summarized in a single sentence? And if you post them in the comments, can I assume I can use them? Thanks, reader.

01 January 2008


Rather than watching football I decided to be creative and modified the codes I use for my job logging script. These I've posted at the joblog. Just thought I'd share.

Future goals, for anyone interested:

1. Create a little installation routine for the script to make it more easily used by others;
2. Adjust the script to accept command-line modifiers that govern the amount of time summarized (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or cumulative), instead of using two or more different scripts each customized for those things;
3. Adjust the installation routine and the script to allow for custom two-letter codes so that people don't have to use the ones I think are helpful.

Of course, accomplishing these things may mean a few more holidays doing work-related non-work.