29 March 2012

Toot toot

There's this:

And this:

And from a critic, this:
There is a moment in the spotlight for each character and they make the most of it, with special applause to Butler for inhabiting the show’s best known speller and making it his own,, and to Riggs, for finding just the right blend of comedy and tragedy and delivering it all in a clear, never-miss soprano. Lunn’s hilarious interpretation of “Chip’s Lament” is priceless as are the goody bags he tosses defiantly into the audience and Graber’s Coneybear is a spot on portrait of every youngster used to being less-than-first who is amazed and delighted at just “being.’ Williams’ introduction of her two dads is touching, as is her handling of their very different personas. Stebelton is right on as the officious know-it-all who secretly longs for permission to fail.
And these:
Since ECT insists on going to the AACT Festival I would like to suggest taking Spelling Bee next year. 
Wonderful, hilarious!! 
Very entertaining and quite well done. 
I'm starting to think this musical I'm in is pretty good. And to think: both of my blog readers still have time to get here for Friday or Saturday!