31 January 2009

American Idol

Here's the real American idol. And, Craig N, Alan S, et. al., there are things and there are devices. This is a device. I couldn't be happier.

24 January 2009


I have discovered why our heater has to work so hard to keep the house warm.

No, the problem isn't the hole itself, as the house was cold before I made the hole. The problem is what there is no hint of in the wall behind the hole.

I also discovered how our porch is supported.

15 January 2009


A line from a sales pitch I sat through yesterday. Delivered with nary a hint of intended humor.

"Of course, this has a movable arm so you can lower it or higher it or whatever."

10 January 2009

Not an Actual Image

I'm pretty sure that this image isn't meant to be surrealist, but I'm happy to take it thus:

(image from http://estore.fox-international.com/house_.asp?groupid=53&page=5)

06 January 2009


I agree with Dan. Though I wonder if I could get $240K from El Al for the harassment they gave me when I showed up for a flight with a scruffy beard, long hair, a duct-taped duffel bag, and a T-shirt that said "No Fear" ... in Hebrew. That was 1996, two months after the assassination of Rabin. I'm guessing the statute of limitations is long expired.

02 January 2009


Today I baked a bunch of bread for the neighbors. I also wrote yet another draft of an abstract for a conference. Hence my mind is full of technology and community and my nostrils are enjoying the leftover scent of fresh-baked bread. So, after Esther edits my abstract, I'm going to empty the mind and do I-don't-know-what with the nostrils.

01 January 2009

The Year So Far

Woke up, got up, showered, took dog for a walk, relaxed, had breakfast, left Bloomington, drove, drove, drove, arrived in Elkhart, took dog for a walk, started watching football.

A good year so far.

(Should also add that technically I "rode, rode, rode," while Esther "drove, drove, drove." A good time to get some reading done.)