30 November 2007

25 November 2007

A Tutorial

How to put an APC sliding shelf into a StarTech four-post rack:

1. Place the APC shelves (AR8128BLK)and the StarTech rack (4POSTRACKBK)in your shopping cart at CDW-G.
2. Think to yourself, before placing the order, "Hmmm ... I wonder whether these APC sliding shelves will work in the StarTech rack. I'd better find out."
3. Call your CDW-G rep.
4. Receive verification from APC (by way of your CDW-G rep.) that AR8128BLK will, indeed, work in 4POSTRACKBK.
5. Place the order.
6. Expect the order to come much later than it does. But rejoice in its early arrival.
7. Assemble the rack.
8. Unpack the shelves, and groan with disappointment -- these shelves will obviously not work.
9. Go home dejected.
10. Return the next day, and modify the shelves (see photo #1). Hey, it's not pretty, but it works.
11. Complete assembly with the assistance of your spouse (or, if you do not have a spouse, a good friend) -- see photo #2.
12. Go home. Watch football. Create 12-step tutorial for installing APC sliding shelves in a StarTech four-post rack.

Photo #1

Photo #2

21 November 2007

Everything's Comin' Up Milhouse

Something of a testimony.

I plan to reorganize the server closet this weekend, and spent part of last week and the beginning of this week preparing. In the midst of my preparations, however, I neglected to order the equipment that I knew I would need. This I realized on Friday evening. So I logged on to CDW-G*to place an order, knowing that generally if they have something in stock it takes only one business day to arrive.

To my great disappointment, when I went to check out, the two most reasonable options for shipping were free 6 - 10 business days shipping from Eagle Transport (or something like that) or $150 3 - 5 business days shipping from same. Since it was Friday evening, and since 3 - 5 business days meant it was approximately twice as likely that the order would arrive too late rather than on time, I decided to forgo the $150 fee and just expect to spend another weekend at work after the equipment arrived after Thanksgiving.

But, yes, today everything arrived, and I came home this evening having already done some prep work so that when I work Saturday I don't have quite as much to do.

Thanks, CDW-G and Eagle Transport, for compensating for my lack of planning.


*Corrected link

07 November 2007

Doing My Part

Mike, with some assistance from my GFG,* has initiated some "community-mediated (re)searching" by way of custom search engines at www.searchpigeon.org. These search engines are to help students find reliable and useful articles, abstracts, and whatnot. Seems worthwhile. Plus I promised I'd advertise.

And, of course, if it catches on it will get better ... assuming that others who use it contribute reliable resources of their own in the various categories proposed thusfar.

*Good Friend Google

06 November 2007

For Nekeisha

Six o'clock, and all's well!