28 July 2008

Spellcheck Wisdom (Accidental)

From an AP item in The Truth:
"It [an empty prison north of Baghdad] holds something else: a chronicle of U.S. government waste, misguided planning and construction shortcuts costing $40 million and stretching back to the American overseers who replaced Sadism Hussies" (my emphasis).
While not exactly the anagram game, the moniker is intriguing given some of America's the US's track record of running prisons located in Iraq. Come to think of it, maybe it's best that there are no prisoners held in this one.

Since a search of the AP Archive (whether past 7 days or archived material) reveals no results for "Sadism Hussies," and since the only two Google results are to a letter to the editor from the Eastern Daily Press (UK) and the Mediawatch blog of Radio New Zealand, and since The Truth's copy editing is known to be a bit adventurous, I'm inclined to place the credit for this misadventure in The Truth's lap.

21 July 2008


All too often, this is how we do things at our house. Kali the destroyer (pictured below) gets an idea that some remodeling of some sort of other needs to happen immediately. So she finds some tools to assist in the destruction, enlists her husband, and begins changing things. And now we no longer have soffit above the cabinets on the east wall of the kitchen. But there is some painting that needs to be done ...

09 July 2008

Remind Me

If ever I approach you and ask, "Hey , did you get my (e-mail | voice-mail | other message)?" feel free to remind me how irritating that is. Especially if I ask you within 1 hour of my having left it. Here, I'll even give you a template:

"Brent, if your (e-mail | voice-mail | other message) was so very (urgent | important | relevant), why did you bother to send it in the first place? Why not just seek me out so you can tell me in person what it is you wanted to tell me? Because that's what you're getting ready to do right now, isn't it?"