25 October 2008

Loving This

A little explanation about a spurious "unable to obtain an RPC connection to the domain controller": http://trinityhome.org/Home/index.php?wpid=105&front_id=18.


17 October 2008

Hardness Scale

For the good folks at "Williams Pharmacy," who sent me "their" newsletter with the subject "Turn your tool into rock hard steel":


Just to say that I'm pretty certain I'd want any steel tool of mine to be considerably harder than most rock, never mind the fact that a tool is much more useful as a tool than as a chunk of metal.

16 October 2008


How to configure a two-switch stack using Amer SS3GR26i switches. Because I had such a time I decided I'd better write it down. This assumes you have a stacking cable.

Switch 1:
Log in, and go through the initial setup routine.

cluster run
cluster ip-pool [IP address:, e.g.]
cluster commander [cluster name: MyCluster, e.g.]
cluster auto-add enable
(I suspect this is optional)
mrpp enable
mrpp ring [ring #: 1, e.g.]
control-vlan [vlan #: 1, e.g.]
primary-port ethernet 1/27
secondary-port ethernet 1/28
node-mode master

Switch 2:
Log in, and do the initial setup routine

cluster run
mrpp enable
mrpp ring [same ring as in Switch 1]
control-vlan [same vlan as in Switch 1]
primary-port ethernet 1/28
secondary-port ethernet 1/27

Seems simple, yes? It's not nearly as simple as simply connecting two 3Com SuperStack II switches, which is what these will replace. Ah well.

Of course, if you don't do a write when you're done with each switch this will go away when you reboot. Always save your work.

14 October 2008

Tucker (Idle Thought)

I just wondered today, upon hearing the name Tucker Bounds, and remembering Tucker Carlson, whether all people named "Tucker" have conservative leanings. And, if so, what is it about the name that causes people to veer to the right?

07 October 2008


Tonight I tweeted most of the debate with ... no one else. Turns out, that's kind of dull.