21 November 2007

Everything's Comin' Up Milhouse

Something of a testimony.

I plan to reorganize the server closet this weekend, and spent part of last week and the beginning of this week preparing. In the midst of my preparations, however, I neglected to order the equipment that I knew I would need. This I realized on Friday evening. So I logged on to CDW-G*to place an order, knowing that generally if they have something in stock it takes only one business day to arrive.

To my great disappointment, when I went to check out, the two most reasonable options for shipping were free 6 - 10 business days shipping from Eagle Transport (or something like that) or $150 3 - 5 business days shipping from same. Since it was Friday evening, and since 3 - 5 business days meant it was approximately twice as likely that the order would arrive too late rather than on time, I decided to forgo the $150 fee and just expect to spend another weekend at work after the equipment arrived after Thanksgiving.

But, yes, today everything arrived, and I came home this evening having already done some prep work so that when I work Saturday I don't have quite as much to do.

Thanks, CDW-G and Eagle Transport, for compensating for my lack of planning.


*Corrected link

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Mike said...

Hiya Brent.
FYI: your link to CDW-G is incomplete.
And thanks for the successful props in a previous post!