19 May 2007


So the other night I dreamt something about rabid raccoons terrorizing our neighborhood and rotting earth in our backyard. The earth was rotting because of buried fruit ... or maybe carcasses, I can't remember with any certainty. Somehow we ended up digging a hole, and hiring someone to dispose of the raccoon with some sort of trap or weapon, which he left to retrieve. As he was going the raccoon walked down into the hole and huddled over its baby. We killed it by shoveling dirt on it and burying it.

What do you suppose that might mean?


Anonymous said...

you will go to any lenth to kill raccoons, even the cute baby ones.... you baby raccoon killer!

John David said...

You are feeling guilty about some horrible, horrible deed. This guilt is terrorizing you, keeping you up at night (the racoon is a nocturnal animal that digs up or unearths unwanted garbage), so you long to kill it and bury it. By burying it and its child (the consequence of your sordid deed) you hope to hide it from your neighbors and friends.

Good grief, Brent! What did you do?!

Anonymous said...

Contrary to John David's pseudo-psychological analysis (on par with the "repressed memories of satanic abuse as a child" fad of the 1980s), it appears that you had a really bad burrito experience, apparently following having seen a raccoon sometime in the previous 48 hours, and being instructed (by yourself or Esther)"Brent, get out there and till, plant, and weed that da*n garden!!!" It sounds like you might want to take out the trash as well.

BMG said...

This is surprisingly close to accurate. I did see a raccoon and its baby (I think they have made residence in what seems to be the mostly abandoned house across the street) that night, and I was fretting about building a pergola so as to move the grapes from their rather rickety current structure. But I did not have a bad burrito experience that night -- perhaps that was a spicy shrimp curry dream. The burrito from two days ago had no ill effects that I can determine.