02 June 2008

Patio Update #Whatever

The gravel is placed and tamped down, and we're ready for the block. At this point I feel fairly safe in saying that most of the heavy lifting is done. What lifting there is from here on out will come in 42 lb. increments instead of wheelbarrow-loads. Of course, 250 blocks * 42 lb each still comes to several tons. But it's just a little at a time. Here's the most recent progress pics. The first is a view from the garden; the second a view from the house.

The only (minor) problem during this phase of the installation was when the pit bulls from down the street decided that they ought to find a nice gravel-filled patio in which to frolic. But we re-tamped, and I took the dogs back to the corner house, whereupon their owner rejoiced. And scolded a bit.

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