13 June 2008


Two moments of restoration in the last week.

A couple of days ago Tabitha got loose. I think her leash did not fasten properly.

Both Esther and I were behind the garage doing some lawn work, when Esther headed toward the house to get something. As she passed the spot Tabitha should have been, she asked, "Where's Tabitha?" To which I replied, "I have no idea."

Esther saw one of the neighbors and asked whether he had seen a brown, white, and black beagle recently. He told her he saw a kid on a bicycle carrying a dog like that. So we got in the car and started driving. About two blocks south of us, Esther asked someone else. They pointed to the house across the street from them and told here that a kid on a bicycle gave a dog to the family that lived there. When she went to the house she saw Tabitha on their porch. They had paid $10 to the boy who had told them his mother did not want to keep the dog any longer.

Needless to say, we were delighted.

About a month ago one of our grape vines got severed. So we took the severed end and stuck it in the ground, hoping that either that end or the already-rooted end would sprout again. Yesterday I saw that the severed end has new growth.


Jackie said...

Did you pay $10 to get Tabitha back?

BMG said...

Yep. We tried paying more but they brought the extra back to us.