22 June 2008


So "four or five hours" turned into more like eight or nine hours including cleanup. But it is finished.

Here are pictures from the back door and from the garden:

There are a few things that I may change yet, but they're mostly small and don't really show up in these photos (like adding screws to better fasten the step or adding wedges to better level the planters).

Total time spent: untold hours. Nearly every weekend (Friday and Saturday) including a couple of Sunday afternoons and some weekday evenings from early May until today.

For the remainder of this afternoon I'm going to relax on the porch--I'll better appreciate the patio once I've gotten a bit of distance from it.

1 comment:

John David said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see some photos of you actually enjoying it--lounging in a comfortable chair with a cold drink in hand while Esther grills you a steak.