12 February 2007


My alarm goes off at 5:30. Why? It used to be a bit earlier, so I could make it to work by 6:00. Now I'm not so sure, though on my good days I make an effort to prevent a little of the German I learned last semester from disappearing altogether (like my Spanish, Greek, and Hebrew seem to have done, in roughly that order). Besides which, this is my third attempt at learning enough German to be able to read it and I figured I should do something to make it stick.

So I've translated the "Aufgabenstellung" portion of this, most of this (though the last half or so is particularly sloppy), and am working a little on Über Gewissheit (Wittgenstein).

You thought it was so I could blog? Ha. But that's sure a fine way to avoid German, as it turns out.

Oh, and I also shoveled the walks.

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John David said...

Any day that starts before 7 am isn't worth getting out of bed for.