14 February 2007

Found 'Em

Discovered a lovely log on the server today while trying to tighten up e-mail a little. One of those strange coincidences whereby attempting to fix one problem led to an interesting discovery of another. Made for some fascinating reading.

Apparently "Administrator" attempted to access the server about once every second in the wee hours of February 14, and for several days prior. This is strange as I have no recollection of being awake in the wee hours, and I'm nearly certain that I was not being not awake in India. And, when "Administrator" was taking it easy, it looks like all twelve apostles attempted to get access (well, at least "peter," "andrew," and "paul," the latter of which is only an apostle late-born).

So now another port in the firewall (no, I'm not saying which) is disabled, and, unless I am grossly mistaken, I would expect that the issue of us being continually listed at spamhaus is nearing its end.

Little buggers.

1 comment:

John David said...

So no porn was involved? Keep an eye on those Indians. They have a woman on the inside.