19 February 2007


Obviously the U.S. tax system, as it currently exists in my experience, relies heavily on the honesty of those who file. This seems hopelessly naïve -- don't we commonly assume people are not worth trusting? We lock our doors, walk faster at night (if we walk at all), assume the world is pretty dog-eat-dog, etc. On the other hand, though, don't most tax cheaters attempt to do so legally via loopholes instead of outright lying? Even though the penalties may not be particularly severe? So isn't the IRS ultimately correct to assume that people will be honest? John David?


John David said...

aww. Sounds like someone wants some more commentators. I recommend video clips of snowblowing and The Simpsons. As for honesty and the IRS, idunno. They mostly rely on employers to do their work for them by witholding taxes from your paycheck. Now the burden is on you to get it back--legally or otherwise.

John David said...

Back to you, Brent.