26 February 2007


Hmmm, where to start.

Friday, 23 Feb 2007: Updated Raisers Edge to version 7.8ish. Part of that update required updating from MSDE to SQL Server 2005 Express. But it seemed work smoothly.

Monday, 26 Feb 2007, 8:00AM: Discovered that Friday evening's system backup failed. Some investigation into the logs and some help from my good friend Google (GFG) revealed that something between Volume Shadow Service and SQL Express 2005 was broken. Some more help from GFG handed me a nifty page that indicated which .dlls to re-register manually. After completing that, the backup seemed to work fine.

Monday, 26 Feb 2007, 9:00AM: Discovered that re-registering the .dlls caused problems for Education Edge. Apparently the MSDE instance had disappeared. So, I thought, maybe I'll just run a quick backup, and attach the database to the existing SQL Express instance. As you might imagine, hilarity ensued.

Monday, 26 Feb 2007, 5:45PM: After a day of trying diligently to follow all the advice in all the KB articles I could find, I am currently on hold with Blackbaud. Surely they'll be able to get me out of the pickle, yes?

Monday, 26 Feb 2007, 6:11PM: Yes.

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