24 May 2009


Yesterday we got another dog.  Oreo.  A lab-ish critter.

The humane society did not let us adopt her directly, due to her having the beginnings of kennel cough, so, for the next 10 days, this is strictly a fostering arrangement.

Tabitha is not dealing particularly well with this.  Her territoreolism is evident.  She is probably not helped by the fact that the lab has considerably more energy than she, and is thus encroaching into her space willy-nilly.  There have been barks, snarls, baring of teeth, and, yes, a little blood.

The car ride home was no problem.  But the house.  Oh my.  We've tried the "let the new dog in, take the new dog out, let the old dog in, take the old dog out, take both in together" trick (maybe this has helped, but we haven't seen it), the "go on a long walk together" trick (that actually works pretty well until one of them finds a morsel), the "get them into neutral territory so they get acquainted with each other" trick.  And, yes, we took Tabitha to meet Oreo at the shelter.

Our neighbors have had two dogs for three years, and they still don't get along with each other.  This is not an option.

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