17 March 2008

Shoe Polish

Yesterday, as Esther and I were walking around downtown Chicago, we noticed my still quite sturdy, but also quite scuffed, shoes. The only pair I brought. And we stopped in at the Clark's shoe store in Water Tower Place. After trying on a pair of shoes, we walked away without them.

Last night I was thinking about this more, yearning for new shoes. Then, this morning, it occurred to me: shoe polish is much cheaper. One might reasonably ask at this point how it happens that I have come so far from my Mennonite roots that shoe polish was not the default answer to spring to mind when my shoes were scuffed; that is a separate investigation.

I went to Walgreen's, and purchased some scuff coverer and a cloth. Then I went back to the hotel room, sat on the bed, opened the scuff coverer, and promptly dumped it in my lap -- on the only pair of pants I had.

Long story short: instead of sporting a new pair of shoes, I am now sporting a new pair of pants. They're wrinkle resistant, and quite comfortable.

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