21 March 2008


While in Chicago I saw the following ad plastered all over Millenium Station:

"Mach 3 disposable. Enough said."

I'm greatly relieved, as the only thing preventing me from purchasing a Gillette Mach 3 razor was the fact that I couldn't throw it away.


John David said...

you're joking right? When I used to shave, I didn't even throw away the disposable razor blades until I used them about three months. I like having a beard.

BMG said...

Yes. I think it's more than a little ridiculous that Gillette is advertising "disposable" like it's the next big think in shaving. I'll admit it: I own a Mach 3. But changing blades on it is a far cry from the dangerous and bloody task of changing blades on an old-fashioned single-blade razor. Really, does anyone think this is so very hard that disposable is going to be the difference? On second thought, don't answer that.

Missy Whitehead said...

Speaking of "Blood (on the Lintels)..." that comment above reminds me of the horrified gasp I heard from John David when I confessed I couldn't use my disposable razor blade more than, say, 3-4 times. And THAT was the day I invested in my long-lasting Mach 3 razor - still have it. (and still can't bear to think about the daily bloodbath of John David's shaves...good thing for beards.)