03 October 2007

Ending the Silence

Wow. Three weeks since I've blogged. Maybe a record. Part of that is laziness; another part the promise I made to myself that I would not blog about what a miserable day I had or how stupid people are. So here comes a flurry. First, something that's bothered me since the first time I saw it.

What's up with the Sprint ads? "Or maybe you dreamed of a magic screen you could carry in your pocket."

Who dreamt that?!


John David said...

I think I can say in all sincerity that I never once dreamed about having a magic screen in my pocket. Or even about owning a cell phone. I do remember a dream about a werewolf chasing me through the library of Northridge Elementary School, though.

BMG said...

See, that's what I think too. A magic screen is a pretty mundane dream. Mine were about being stung by bumblebees the size of a house, being chased by one-armed clowns, and, surprisingly recently, being chased by Rev. Sun Yung Moon and his followers.