18 October 2007

Digital Ethnography

Michael Wesch does wondrous things at YouTube. But two of his videos in particular I find deeply disturbing ...

The Machine is Us/ing Us
A Vision of Students Today

Just thought I'd share.

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John David said...

"The Machine is Us/ing Us" was cool. At one point last year, I read a lot on XML and considered changing the church website to straight XML, but I never even got around to converting it to XHTML. I'm not sure XML is the language of the web yet--not sure that all browsers would render it the same way. I have been careful to use HTML for content and leave style to CSS. Yesterday I was reading about TeX and LaTeX which addresses the same concerns about differentiating style from content in the world of text documents. I'd like to learn more about it.

I didn't care for the other video. I think classrooms should be technology-free. Laptops, cell phones, music players, and PowerPoint presentations are all distractions. I didn't feel the slightest sympathy for these students. In fact, I wasn't sure what the video wanted me to think or feel.