13 July 2007


I hate summer, and it's my own doing.

The weather is great, so that's not the problem. The problem is that because when I was being educated in academic institutions not so dissimilar from the one at which I work presently, summer was holiday time. And I think I still have some of that mindset. The problem is that here at AMBS summer is not holiday time. So I find myself scheduling all sorts of projects for summer thinking that students, faculty, and staff will not interfere, then volunteer to help with additional, non-work-related summer activities, and the misreading of the summer work situation coupled with the volunteering means I find myself completely wiped. Oh, and living on the western edge of the eastern timezone does not help matters.

There are other things that factor into this as well, but I think it is mostly these things that trouble me.

The net result: I don't get enough sleep, I don't feel like I have enough free time, I procrastinate in an attempt to carve out free time, I start work each morning tired and cranky, I find myself super irritated at every little thing that interrupts my plans for the day, and I return home even more tired and cranky. Feh.

I am reading some interesting things, though.

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John David said...

I slept this morning until the phone rang at 9:15 am. I think I'll sleep longer tomorrow. Maybe not. I just sleep until I feel like getting up. Don't be cranky at me.