14 March 2007

Several Things

1. On the way to the airport when returning from Houston we encountered a man wearing a bright orange shirt that had a picture of a chicken and said "Big Peckers." Classy.

2. On the SouthShore Line to Educause Midwest I headed to the restroom. Thinking that whoever may be in there would surely have locked the door I went in. "It's occupied. Try knocking." Turns out the lock was broken.

3. At the Educause poster sessions I was chatting with someone who had just overseen an implementation of wireless on their campus. A professor from somewhere (maybe Western Illinois University) approached, waited for an opportunity, and said, "This is f****n' brilliant." You don't tend to hear such things at seminary, and I can't recall hearing at any other conference I've been to.

4. During a presentation about an implementation of moodle a slide was supposed to say "housed." There was a typo: the moodle installation was on a "very entry-level Dell server hosed with UMC computing services."

1 comment:

John David said...

Heh heh. Peckers.

That's almost as clever as "Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn"