12 March 2007

Houston #2

I've heard rumors of something called "First Class." Prior to this weekend they were only rumors. Imagine my surprise when, as I was about to board, I was called aside and asked for my boarding pass. Then my spouse was waved through ... but, fortunately, she mentioned we were together. When we got our passes back we'd been moved to row 4, seats E and F. First class, baby.

So while all the rest of the poor schleps in economy class got to pay for their snack ($3 for a bag of chips), we got treated to being called by name, a continental breakfast, and any of the beverages we wanted.

That's the sort of thing a person could, but probably should not, get used to.

I'm always wearing a sport jacket when I fly from now on. That nearly offset the unpleasant TSA experience.

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