14 April 2009

Quiz Time

"He got killed because somebody couldn't be a man. It's unreal. It's sad that this is what our society consists of.... What happened to the days when people fought with their hands instead of with guns?"

- Shazzar Mack, as quoted in the Elkhart Truth on 14 April 2009

Quiz time. Choose the best option to complete the sentence:

Technology ____
is not
the problem.


Anonymous said...

Presumably, ever since Thag scooped up a sharp piece of obsidian because he knew he wouldn't win the wrestling match with the much-bigger Oonk, technology has been "the problem". Oh wait, that sounds more like a problem with the human heart.

So . . . when was it, again, that everyone settled all problems with bare hands, when some sort of weapon was readily available? Oh right. Never.

And why do I suspect that a disproportionate percentage of simple assault charges are *also* reflected in the same group? There may be a host of reasons for that disproportionate representation (courts, poverty, racism, etc.), but if we're supposed to check one of two boxes, I guess I cannot see any reasonable answer other than "B".

BMG said...

I knew Oonk. Oonk was a friend of mine. You, sir, are no Oonk.