13 August 2008

This Just In (Mostly Found Poetry)

If recent spam is to be believed,
the following medications are those I need:

Comet Ring Highway Dress Nail Freeway,
Film Bank Clown Album Shop Button Pyramid,
Radar School Hieroglyph Foot Ice Table Leg Onion Monster Clock Shower Swimming Pool Car Milk.
Explosive Pillow Magnet Circus Mosquito Pocket Church

VISIT LINK Earth [link removed]

Button Snail Baby Planet Boss Girl Signature.
Circus Parachute Pants God Festival Festival Pocket.
Data Base Eyes Army Boss Post-office God Egg,
Sandpaper Alphabet Spectrum Crystal Ring Game Shop.

Bathroom Fan Spot Light Highway Fan Family Bomb.

Hammer Gate Space Shuttle Drill Needle Sun Button:
Fruit Staircase Skeleton Cappuccino Circus Chair Bible?
Finger Egg Airport Map Child Pants Cave,
Liquid Fan Perfume Table Snail Arm Needle.
Salt Shop Horse Album Cycle Chair Needle.

Needle Airport Microscope Balloon Signature Computer Girl!

1 comment:

J. Blessinger said...

heh. Monster clock. heh heh.