02 May 2008


You know what I like? I like when a television station, let's call it "BCD," plugs a one-off program, seasonal or otherwise, let's call that "This Program We Will Never Show Again," by saying something like this:

"On Thursday night watch 'The Program We Will Never Show Again' at a special time: 8/7 Central."

What makes me chuckle is the implied notion that the program itself isn't billed as being particularly special, rather the time at which it is shown is what is special. If it is really worth watching, why not advertise it like "On Thursday night watch the special program "The Program We Will Never Show Again" at 8/7 Central?" What about advertising am I missing here?

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John David said...

Advertising employs psychological compliance techniques. The technique here: scarcity. People want something more if it is scarce or if they believe they have a limited opportunity to benefit. If it only shows once, at a "special" time, they had better not miss it! If there will be reruns, maybe it's not worth making an effort to see it. Just wait for it to come around again.